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   Quality ICT & FBT Test Fixtures

       Hundreds Designed and Sold

                 Made in U.S.A.

Crystal Buffer/Divider Board

         Thousands Sold

Add this small board to an ATE

System fixture and program and

measure resonant crystal and

electronic oscillator frequencies to

100MHZ during in-Circuit Test (ICT)




Frequency Isolator/Divider Brd.

           Hundreds Sold

System fixture and program and

measure up to eight electronic

oscillator frequencies to 100MHz

during In-Circuit Test (ICT).





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TestNet offers two products that add exceptional value to test at a low cost...

Crystal Buffer/Divider Board      Frequency Isolator/Divider Board

These boards (as featured in Test & Measurement World magazine) can be used within test fixtures for all Automatic Test Systems including, Teradyne, Agilent, and Genrad.  The boards are used to enhance the capability of high frequency measurement of Crystals, Oscillators and Generators.

Some other products include Relay Boards and Custom Designed fixture parts.

Product / Service

Smart Images

This productivity tool allows for significant cost savings for the PCB manufacturer by helping to reduce the inventory of PCB's that have failed test or inspection.  See the Smart Images page for more detail.

Test Fixtures

TestNet is a complete Test Fixture supplier.  We have designed and constructed nearly 500 test fixtures since 2005 after we acquired the assets and hired mechanical designers and machinists from a former test fixture company.  Please see the       Test Fixtures page for more info.  Check out our new Modular Fixture System.

While you are here, don't forget to check out the newest fixturing

method for a great ROI, our New Modular Test Fixture:

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