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   Quality ICT & FBT Test Fixtures

       Hundreds Designed and Sold

                 Made in U.S.A.

Crystal Buffer/Divider Board

         Thousands Sold

Add this small board to an ATE

System fixture and program and

measure resonant crystal and

electronic oscillator frequencies to

100MHZ during in-Circuit Test (ICT)




Frequency Isolator/Divider Brd.

           Hundreds Sold

System fixture and program and

measure up to eight electronic

oscillator frequencies to 100MHz

during In-Circuit Test (ICT).





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In-Circuit and Functional Test Fixtures

Since 2005, TestNet designed and completed over 430 test fixtures for In-Circuit and

Functional Automated Test Equipment Systems (A.T.E.).

Now with this successful experience with customers who also buy programming services

from us, we offer every customer a solid and cost effective test fixture solution regardless of whether they buy a test program from us or not.

We welcome this opportunity to show you our test fixturing capabilities.

New Innovation ... Announcing!  The New TestNet Modular

Test Fixtures ... (Click here to learn more)

We produce standard and custom vacuum, pneumatic, and electro-mechanical  fixtures for all ATE systems and especially for the following systems:  Teradyne Spectrum and Z18xx Series, GenRad 228x Series and TestStation Series Agilent 3070/3065 and others...

Top Side Access

Test Fixtures

Standard OverClamp

and Vacuum Box

Test Fixtures

Custom Functional

Test Fixtures

Adapters, Shown here is a

Spectrum 8831 to Spectrum 885x adapter