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   Quality ICT & FBT Test Fixtures

       Hundreds Designed and Sold

                 Made in U.S.A.

Crystal Buffer/Divider Board

         Thousands Sold

Add this small board to an ATE

System fixture and program and

measure resonant crystal and

electronic oscillator frequencies to

100MHZ during in-Circuit Test (ICT)




Frequency Isolator/Divider Brd.

           Hundreds Sold

System fixture and program and

measure up to eight electronic

oscillator frequencies to 100MHz

during In-Circuit Test (ICT).





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Smart Images

A Great Productivity Tool!

This productive/service allows for significant cost savings

for the PCB manufacturer by helping to reduce the

inventory of PCB,s that have failed test or inspection. 

Smart Images are developed from the translation of CAD data.  They are a less expensive and more flexible alternative to that of using actual CAD or manufacturing software seats in the production repair process.  The Smart Image for the board repair process is a timely product for a market looking for more efficient and less costly tools that will help reduce the inventory tied up in defective circuit boards.

The Smart Image is purchased one time after the board has been designed.  Once in prototype or production the board Smart Image is downloaded from the company's network to a PC in the process.  The Smart Image software viewer, known as "PCB View Station", is supplied at no charge and is used to view the first and all future Smart Images.

The customer uses the Smart Image and PCB View Station to quickly view and locate parts, traces, vias, signal names, pins, and layers and thereby is able to fix defective boards in less time.  The expensive inventory represented is greatly reduced.

Call Sales at 847-458-9791 to learn how Smart Images help

  • Reduce Defective Board Inventory quickly
  • Save technician fault diagnostics time

PCB View Station and Smart Image developed by Sun Up Software

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