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   Quality ICT & FBT Test Fixtures

       Hundreds Designed and Sold

                 Made in U.S.A.

Crystal Buffer/Divider Board

         Thousands Sold

Add this small board to an ATE

System fixture and program and

measure resonant crystal and

electronic oscillator frequencies to

100MHZ during in-Circuit Test (ICT)




Frequency Isolator/Divider Brd.

           Hundreds Sold

System fixture and program and

measure up to eight electronic

oscillator frequencies to 100MHz

during In-Circuit Test (ICT).





I n c o r p o r a t e d
1320 Chase Street, Suite 7
Algonquin, IL 60102-9668
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Our business is to provide cost effective Test Fixutres and Programs for users of the

following Teradyne and Agilent Test Systems:

Spectrum 8800 Series                    Z18xxVP Series

Agilent 3070 Series                        TestStation & 228x Series

Test Equipment installed at TestNet includes: 

  • Teradyne Spectrum 8800 Series System with Open VXI Architecture
  • Z1890VP with MultiScan, DFP, and IEEE Option
  • Z18xx to Spectrum and HP3065 to Z18xx / Z8xx Fixture Converters
  • Spectrum to Z18xx converter

Fixture Design and Build Tools and Software at TestNet: 

  • Bridgeport CNC Mill
  • High Speed Air Drill
  • Miscellaneous Shop Machine Tools
  • Multiple Test Fixture Wire Wrap Machines
  • Test Fixture Wiring Verifier Test System
  • AutoCAD, BobCad, Cam350, Fabmaster, Unisoft

Custom Services:

We Provide custom "C" language software development for Teradyne systems.

We have over 20 years of proven FLASH, EPROM, and other non-volatile memory

programming experience.

In addition, we provide stand alone functional test system development, fixturing,

integration, documentation, programming, training, and support.

Other services include device modeling and test vector development.  Flynn Systems software is used for PAL Vector development.

Gerber Processing tools, FabMaster, and Unisoft are used for processing your data for fixture building.

Victory and Flynn Systems Software tools are used for Boundary Scan Test Vector


Further, let us help get you started and save you money with our Board Test Service.

Have a Bone Pile of defective boards?  Check out our:  Smart Images!  The exceptional software productivity tool to help repair defective PCBs offers a great return on investment, ROI.

While you are here, don't forget to check out the newest fixturing

method for a great ROI, our New Modular Test Fixutre:

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