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Your Virtual Test Engineering Team -
Providing Superior Quality Automatic
Test Equipment Programs and
Test Fixtures since 1995.

Test Programs
Our engineering strength is based on over 30 years experience in providing the full
range of board test and programming services, from In-Circuit Test Programs to
complex In-Circuit / Functional Board test applications for the users of the following
Test Systems:

Teradyne: Test Station, Spectrum, Z1800 Series                           

Test Fixtures

TestNet has completed hundreds of custom In-Circuit test fixtures since January of
2005 when fixture design and finishing was added to our business. We provide Test
Fixtures for
Teradyne, GenRad, and Agilent
Automated Test System customers. As
well, we design, build, and support many custom functional fixtures and complete test

Popular Products

Crystal Buffer Divider Boards

Frequency Isolator Divider Boards
Relay Boards - Please Call for Relay Needs

Smart Images "Yes, there is an easier way to reduce your bad board bone pile and avoid buying so much extra inventory!" Please call for details.

Extra Quality Services
Customized System Operation and Program Training
Design for Test Consulting
Test Area Quality Improvement Programs

TestNet provides products and services including on-site consulting aimed at
improving the customer's total PCB manufacturing and repair process.
TestNet also serves International Customers!

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